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06/27/05: In this dangerous internet world, users should take a look at the noscript firefox extension which allows you to enable javascript support on a per site basis.
06/15/05: Firefox and Mozilla users should take a look at the sitebar extension. It is an extremely easy-to-use bookmarks engine with many features (such as link verification) and great browser integration.
06/02/05: Looks like a very good set of quick links to perl documentation. (rocketaware.com)
03/30/05: Not too early to be thinking about the Feast of the Hunter's Moon in West Lafayette, Indiana
03/22/05: tinyapps.org, no-install.com and this loosewire.typepad.com blog article about portable applications that could fit on a USB thumbdrive.
01/31/05: Interesting chicagotribune story speculating on whether Motorolla should buy Lucent
11/01/04: An interesting and useful article from perl.com about how to use perl for quick one-liner scripts to do mass editing of many files.
09/22/04: www.truthout.org is a fascinating site that consolidates news articles and editorials from a wide range of online publications (e.g., NY Times) to focus attention on a set of important issues that too many Americans seem to be in the dark about.
06/07/04: As a change of pace, check out this excellent summary article on tips for shooting effective digital photos
05/10/04: ViM users should check out the seven habits of Effective Text Editing with ViM (from the ViM Documentation site
03/12/04: IO::All is a new Perl module that simplifies frequently-used Perl idioms for handling IO. If you use perl, it is worth a look!
02/25/04: A great review of the 9 indispensible rules of debugging (slashdot)
09/10/02: The alt.comp.freeware newsgroup has postings about freeware Windows apps. There's also the DMOZ directory of freeware links. For (mostly-UNIX) open source software, see freshmeat.net and sourceforge.net.

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