Kalerion - A collection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry by Tim Yao

Back in 2014, I decided to gather all of my short stories and poems into an annual collection. I called it *Kalerion* after a poem I had written back in the late 80's. *Kalerion* speaks about adventuring into untamed wilderness, meeting challenges and generally rising to live life fully.Most of the stories in *Kalerion* are those I wrote for anthologies of the Writing Journey. The Writing Journey (*writingjourney.org*) is a writing community that I helped to found and that I lead. Unlike many writing groups that focus on just one or two activities, the Writing Journey encourages its members to begin or follow Paths. Paths can be as simple as a one-time activity, such as a lunch out, or as complex as an in-person critique group or a short story anthology. I've enjoyed participating in and helping to lead the short story anthologies because they allow one to, in the company of fellow authors,develop and write stories and poems and then take them through a critiquing/editing process.This is the 2022 version of Kalerion.

Kalerion - the poem

Though I might will
To walk alone
Whilst shadows the cold stone
Caress'd dare o`erspill
The bounds of light
Trespass and fain to keep
Their dark domain of ever-sleep

Yet ever-bright remains my sight
Within these misty paths
Which wend their ways through turns
And hollows, veils that burn
In wraths unslaked; and twisting lathes
Make muffled screams of darkened tales
But ever fails to damp the writ

Which guards the weary spirit--lit
Torches guide through stormy gales
And, unchanged, I persevere
Through nameless grief
To gladness and the true relief
Awaiting the one who veers
Not from the road of Dawn

Of pain, of sorrow spent
For these proclaim the fire sent
And renew the flame burning ever on

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About me

I am a writer of fantasy and science fiction stories and co-Municipal Liaison for the Illinois::Naperville region of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). You can see my NaNoWriMo-related page. I am a co-founder and leader of the Writing Journey, the year-round writing group associated with our NaNoWriMo region. I write my stories using vim and markdown.

In real life, I am a Portfolio Manager for DevOps and a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at a major telecommunications manufacturing company.

What's in this book anyway?

Here's the list of sections and titles:

Dramatic Fantasy

Science Fiction

Flash fiction and odds and ends



Dark Fantasy

Humorous Fantasy


Anthologies from the Writing Journey


Read about the books--their publications stretch from 2009 through 2021. We developed a process requiring three rounds of inter-author critiques to help the authors edit and polish their stories prior to publication. There have been some truly strong authors participating in these anthologies.